AMISH Garden Furniture

Amish 1 imports from the USA maintenance-free garden furniture made from 90% recycled solid Polyethylene (so called Poly-Wood). Designed and handmade by the Amish in America - making each piece unique.

DSCF1848 - versie 2

 (GLIDER CHAIR. Look here for youtube movie of the Chair)

High quality material, exclusive design and environmentally friendly. It is no problem to leave this garden furniture outside in your garden the whole year through. All fasteners are made of stainless steel. 

The colours of the Poly furniture stay true even after many years of exposure to the sun, rain or snow. Available in a lot of different colours and colour-combinations.

Also very beautiful for inside your home.                                 (porch, indoor gardens, gallery).

Why not "Made in China" or "Made in RPC”? 

We know to much about the work conditions of employees (and often children) in China and the are not so good. We don't want to have a part on that. We know the Amish familie Companies and can import from these with a clear conscience. We hope you share the same principle with us. 

Warranty: 25 years!

(Commercial use warranty: 2 years.)

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